Tips for starting to grow in Newsome – June / July


turf stacked grass to grass

turf stacked grass to grass

June / July could be a good time to start –

There’s more light and it should be warmer – on average! But you need to start now – the sun starts falling in the sky from 21st June, so there’s 15 minutes less sun per week.

Starting to grow –

There are two ways to do this, with containers or in your own garden, if you have one.

Containers – This could be almost anything:

  • Growbags from garden centres.
  • Ordinary plant pots – the larger the better. At this time of year garden centres sometimes give them away free – or a large bagful for £1.
  • Tubs or large ornamental pots.
  • Half-barrels.
  • Old watering cans or pans, so long as you make drainage holes in the bottom – use a hammer and a 6”nail!
  • Then some good quality soil or growing compost from a garden centre.

Your own garden – If you have one you’re a step ahead:

  • If you have a lawn out the back, strip a square of turf.
  • Use a spade to cut through the turf around the size of your plot.
  • Divide the plot with more cuts into squares.
  • Slide the spade under each turf, lifting it whole.
  • Stack the lifted turf grass to grass, away from your plot (it will turn into soil in 6 months).
  • Dig the plot over. Turn the soil, loosening with the spade until it’s fine.
  • Add compost or soil from elsewhere to lift the level.

You’re now ready to plant – Some guidelines:

  •  Sow, plant and grow what you eat – or try something new you fancy.
  •  Sow or plant things that will grow at this time of the year. They could be plants sold at garden centres and some shops (costly), or seeds from shops and garden centres (cheaper).

What grows in June / July?

  •  French beans (dwarf) are easy; get green, blue & yellow ones. *
  • Peas – get dwarf mange tout – eat all including the pod! *
  •  Carrots – now the soil is warm the seeds will germinate better. *
  •  Swedes and turnips – good for autumn-winter cooking.
  •  Squashes – good for lanterns and eating. Keep stored in winter.
  •  Courgette and marrow – decorative when growing – good to eat!
  •  Radish, rocket and ‘cut and come again’ salad. *

* Sow at intervals (week by week) so that you have fresh veg for the table.


Problems? Contact us for advice:

  • David Browning: Tel. 01484 512551. Email:
  • John Covell: Tel. 01484 324111. Email:

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