We enjoyed Celebrating Newsome Together

planting seeds

planting seeds

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Growing Newsome activities at the Celebrating Newsome Together event on 4th and 5th July 2009 at Newsome High School. We gave away over 100 plants, all of which had been donated or brought in to swap by Newsome residents. Over 80 pots and propagators were planted up by visitors to our seed planting table.

It was great to hear how all your vegetables and salads have been coming along. The little tomato plants that people generously donated to our first Growing Newsome event in May had by July outgrown Diane’s greenhouse. We were determined to give them all away to good homes at Celebrating Newsome – if you were one of the recipients, please let us know how you and your tomatoes are getting along.

Visitors to Celebrating Newsome told us about the pumpkins that are already taking over their gardens, and said that they’d been inspired to plant vegetables after hearing about Growing Newsome. We did our best to give advice about issues ranging from what you can grow in containers to whether to worry about broad bean rust. We are all learning together, so please let us know how you’re getting along and tell us if there’s anything we can do to help.

Photos of the Celebrating Newsome event

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