Grow Your Own course – September 2009

Grow Your Own – Beginners’ Course

sowingA beginners’ course in growing your own food starts on Wednesday 16th September 2009 (from 9.30 am to 11.30 am).

As part of Altogether Better, Community Liaison in partnership with Kirklees College is offering this five week course on how to grow your own fruits and vegetables.

Participants will have the opportunity to become Community Health Activators, so you could also pass on your knowledge and skills to other people in your community.

The course will be run by Kirklees College at Taylor Hill in Newsome. This course and subsequent courses will cover a wide range of topics depending on the participants’ needs:

  • composting
  • plot clearance
  • seeds, propagation and successful growing on
  • organic gardening
  • pests and diseases

If you are interested in attending, or to find out more about the courses, please contact Community Liaison on 01484 225142, email or call Kirklees College on 01484 437150.

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