Community Garden – Occupation Road

herb planter

herb planter

There’s now a Community Garden on Occupation Road (off the top of Lockwood Scar, behind Towngate), which anyone who lives nearby is welcome to use. We’ve started things off by planting some Autumn / Winter vegetables and some hardy herbs. If you see anything growing there that you’d like to eat, please feel free to pick it. You can also add your own plants to the garden. Another large planter will be available soon.

beanseeds-smallMost of the plants came from Colne Valley Garden Centre. We’d like to say thank you to their staff for kindly donating some vegetable seeds to support the work of Growing Newsome.

Thank you also to David Browning, who donated some strawberry plants from his allotment, and to Mr Charlesworth who helped us with the watering.


This land was previously overgrown and unusable. Members of Newsome Ward Timebanking helped to turn the site into a community garden. Can you think of other places that we can work together to improve? If you know of any spare land in Newsome that could be used for growing food, please contact us.

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