A visit to Tod

On 14th November 2009 we took part in the Incredible Edible Todmorden first national conference.

The day started with a tour of some of the food growing sites around Todmorden, including some fantastic raised beds at Ferney Lee (full of Kale, Chard and other goodies) and the famous planted rowing boat at Tod High School.

Nick, who guided the tour, told us that whenever someone is tending the beds outside the old GP surgery, people always stop and ask questions. That particular site acts as a kind of shop window for getting people interested in food growing. It makes you think how fantastic it would be to have a food growing site on a main road in Newsome – so that people have a place to go with their questions and ideas.

Of the many enthusiastic speakers and participants, most inspiring was Mary Clear, who talked about the community aspects of Incredible Edible Todmorden. Mary came along to the Newsome Ward Community Forum meeting in February 2009 (when we launched our then-nameless food growing project), along with Pam Warhurst. That evening, they helped to inspire people in Newsome to start growing their own food.

It’s good to realise how much we’ve achieved between us since then, and how much more there is that we can do next year…

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