The lost gardens of Newsome

You can find all sorts underneath a tangle of brambles, if you make a bit of effort to look.

On Saturday 20th February 2010 we found a whole garden underneath some brambles, and we’ve taken the first step towards reclaiming this lost garden so that it can be used for food growing.

The garden’s owner gradually lost the garden to the brambles which crept in steadily over the back fence and kept on going until they reached the house. Although she used to grow thriving flowers there, the task of sorting out the tangle eventually became too overwhelming for her to deal with. 

So she kindly offered her garden to Newsome Ward Community Forum, in the hopes that someone else can make good use of it to grow their own food. There is land like this all over Newsome – it’s a lost treasure waiting to be reclaimed.

Just looking at the bramble patch probably made this garden’s owner feel daunted – and we felt the same when we arrived there on a cold February morning. So we did the only thing we could… started at one end and carried on until we reached the fence at the far end.

It took two just hours for us to uncover the garden, reversing the journey that the brambles had made over the years.

Eleven of us turned up to work on the garden, including several members of Newsome Ward Timebanking.

We were also joined for a while by a group of environmental students from Leeds University who were on a field trip to look at sustainable living projects in Huddersfield.  We’d like to thank them for their interest in Growing Newsome, and for mucking in to help us round up the brambles.

Between us, we discovered a lot in a couple of hours.

What we found underneath the brambles was:

a garden, an odd plant pot or two, a collection of balls (in varying states of decay), a tree, some snowdrops and a robin. We also found that overwhelming tasks are not impossible if you have someone to help. We shared experiences about food growing. We talked about what we might do in the future. 

Under those brambles, we also found ideas, new friends and a bit of inspiration.

Please contact us if you’re interested in sharing your garden, if you’re looking for somewhere in Newsome to grow food, of if you’d like to take part in future activities.

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