Stirley Farm – Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s newest venture

This spring the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust are starting work at Stirley Farm with funding from a National Lottery Local Food grant, to help get the farm up and running and encourage more people to grow and eat local food. Support and enthusiasm from Newsome residents played a large part in securing the funding for the Lottery Grant.

A team of Future Jobs Fund trainees, led by Dave Parkinson, have worked hard to clear and improve the farm buildings and facilities. During half term, the team helped spring clean the veg gardens of the High School, Hillside Primary and Berry Brow Flats.

Ian Smart is the Farm Manager who joined Stirley Farm from a similar project in Dorset, where careful management of meadows allowed wildlife to flourish. He has started repairing fences and walls at the Berry Brow end of the 250 acre farm. It is hoped that a few beef cattle will be able to graze there later this year. Ian is looking for volunteers to help make the farm habitable for livestock and improve the farm buildings so any volunteers who are eager to lend a hand with practical work and building are most welcome.

Kim Warren is the Food Education Officer, who will be available to assist and support food growing projects both in the community and on the farm. A series of vegetable plots have been dug at Stirley, which will provide training and demonstration areas for individuals and groups who want to learn more about growing their own food.

Next year an orchard will be planted and the back garden of the farmhouse will become an example of how gardens can be great for wildlife, people and growing your own food. Volunteers with green fingers and absolute beginners alike are welcome to join Kim at Stirley.

Dave Parkinson, Kim Warren and Ian Smart

How to contact staff, or get involved:
Kim Warren, tel. 07557 002 113 or email:
Ian Smart, tel. 07557 002 112 or email:

Find out more at:

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