What can I do with my green tomatoes?

At a meeting this evening, our community worker, Dot, posed a question that has been asked more often than usual this year:

“What can I do with all those green tomatoes, other than make chutney or fry them?”

Even around just one table, there were many keen to offer suggestions, such as:

  • Leave them on the vine, with the plant unwatered, to ripen.
  • Put them in a biscuit tin with a banana.
  • Put them between your pajamas (presumably, not whilst you’re wearing them).

So we decided to ask how everyone else has tackled their green tomato glut this year. Do you have any tips for ripening tomatoes, or do you have any favourite green tomato recipes to share?

Please put your ideas in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box on this page (then select ‘Post Comment’) or send us an email. All suggestions welcome.



2 Responses

  1. Hi there! We also had lots of green tomatoes (2 bucketfuls!) We made a few green tomato recipes and wrote about them (realocalcooking.wordpress.com). We kept the green tomatoes spread out on our window sills and within 2 weeks we had red tomatoes! Now our plan is to freeze the tomatoes. Hope this is helpful!

  2. I put them in a box surrounded by cotton wool and they gradually ripen.

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