Our first Potato Day – 10 favourite things

1. All lined up
It was hard work, but we had a lot of fun getting ready for our Seed Swap and Potato Day on Saturday 3rd March 2012. As with most things, we have learnt as we’ve gone along. When the doors opened, we had everything lined up and ready for action – potatoes, paper bags, egg boxes, pens, potato leaflets, daffodils and of course ourselves, the accidental potato enthusiasts. Over two dozen people helped to run the event, which was our busiest yet. Together we gave new homes to 954 seed potatoes, 43 fruit trees and goodness knows how many jars of jam.

2. James’s Jackets
These jacket potatoes smelled wonderful as we brought them into the hall. Thanks to James, we didn’t have to fret about whether they’d be ready on time either. We’re only sorry that we didn’t have more of them, because our 72 portions disappeared very quickly. We promise to cook more next time.

3. Cherry Coleslaw
Not made with cherries, but made by Cherry. This coleslaw featured fresh red cabbage from Stirley Farm, carrots, onion, caraway seeds, mayonnaise and yoghurt. Scrummy. By the way, lunch was served in our new bowls, bought with Stirley Farm’s Eatwell4Life grant funding from NHS Kirklees. Expect more healthy food for you to cook and eat this year.

4. Reliable croppers
We all had our theories about which potatoes would sell out first. It turns out that the nicest basket wasn’t the winning factor after all. The reliable croppers did best, because they appealed to first time growers and experienced gardeners alike. Our thanks to Kim at Stirley Farm for helping us choose these ‘failsafes’.

5. Potato prints
What better for Potato Day than a spot of potato printing? Our thanks to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust trainee Charlotte who battled the lurgy to be there complete with paints, bunting and banners to show us how much fun you can have with a potato.

6. Marmajam?
We had an impressive collection of jam, pickles, chutney and marmalade. Thanks to Rachel, this included lovely carrot and windfall marmalade and some bafflingly named pumpkin marmajam. Between that and the High Dumpsey Deary, the jam table was a bit of an adventure – and soon empty. Janet’s cakes disappeared faster than I could get to take their picture.

7. First signs of Spring?
Moving our Seed Swap event earlier this year to accommodate the Potato Day left us all scrambling to germinate some seeds in time. Thanks to everyone who managed to bring something green along. This seedling needed its own protective tent – and if you picked up any of my really weedy-looking brassicas, I hope you carried them home carefully.

8. Twigs
As well as doing some potato printing, the kids also got to plant some seeds to take home and Alison from Newsome Out To Play was on hand to help them make little nests out of twigs. She’d obviously done a top bit of foraging to find so many bendy twigs too. A great reminder of how we can make good use of natural materials.

9. Seed Swap
Me, Carole and Cherry spent a whole morning making the little Growing Newsome taster seed packets, so it was great to see them nearly all snapped up. And we’ve been left with some promising looking mixed beans and tomatoes in exchange. Come back to our plant swap on 19th May to find out whether they grew or not…

10. Eating together, growing together – and lots more to come.

Potato Day 2012 – more photos on Flickr

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  1. Looks like you had a great time, we really enjoyed our potato day too, pictures at http://wyog.org/2012/02/19/what-a-great-potato-day/


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