Growing Newsome at Stirley Farm – May to July 2012

Gardeners at the Stirley veg beds, squeezing leek stemsWith the growing season in full swing, we’re continuing our food growing get-togethers at  Stirley Farm, especially for residents of the Newsome Ward. These are informal practical sessions where local people can meet each other and learn something new at the same time.

Please come along to join other local food growers who are learning how to grow together. You can join in at any time. Just meet us in the farmyard at Stirley (off Ashes Lane) on the day.

Growing Newsome at Stirley Farm:

Summer sowing – Saturday 12th May, 10am to 12 noon
We’ll be sowing more seeds in the veg beds, for Summer cropping.

Growing Newsome meets Gardening Club – Thursday 7th June, 5pm to 7pm
This evening we’ll be joining in with the weekly Gardening Club at Stirley Farm.

Saturday Gardening Club – Saturday 7th July, 10am to 12 noon
There will be a variety of tasks and food for everyone to take away.


On foot, you can walk across the fields from the bend in Hall Bower Lane, or use any public footpath.

By bus, the 354 stops at the junction of Hall Bower Lane and Lady House Lane. The 341 stops on Ashes Lane, at the top of Cold Hill Lane.

By car, access to the farmyard is via a steep track off Ashes Lane.

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