Training Opportunities

Group of people holding up their handmade basketsIn April 2012 we said farewell to wonderful farm volunteer trainee, Sue Brown. Over the past year Sue has been busy at Stirley Farm, driving tractors, welding huge barn doors, leading school groups, tending the herd of cows and very patiently showing Growing Newsome participants how to weave our own baskets. Sue has found a job on a farm in Warwickshire, where she will be producing 60 veg boxes a week. We’re really going to miss her, and we wish her well in her new job.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust will soon be looking for new trainees to follow on from Sue and fellow trainee Charlotte.

There is also a new member of staff at the Farm, Toby Needs. Toby is training people in a host of conservation, horticultural and farming skills to NVQ Level 2 status. The scheme is open to anyone who is not currently in work – travel and training expenses are provided.

For more details about training opportunities at Stirley, please call 01484 663 185.

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