The Rio Connection

This summer, 20 years on from the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, government representatives will meet at a ‘Rio+20’ summit to discuss sustainable development.

Join the Rio Connection this summer to make sure our Government doesn’t go backwards on climate change. Here’s a great introductory video…

Local networks will be holding events that connect global and national sustainability issues with people in their community, inspire new people to talk about sustainability, and encourage our politicians to sign up to a sustainable future by supporting the ‘Rio Declaration’:

“The UK should lead the world in the transition to a fair and green economy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting biodiversity and creating jobs and opportunities to reduce poverty and inequality here and overseas. The Rio+20 summit is an important milestone for this ambition, and the UK should engage constructively, with a view to uniting governments across the world behind a vision for a global green and fair economy which benefits all people.

We must lead by example at home by delivering on the commitments in our groundbreaking Climate Change Act whilst showing international leadership to increase the EU’s 2020 climate targets. At the same time we must help the world’s poorest communities adapt to the effects of climate change, invest in getting clean energy to all people, and protect rainforests.”

In Kirklees activities will be focused on a participatory arts project called the Rio +20 Timeline. The timeline will include events in the world, in Kirklees and in the planet over the past twenty years. Members of the public will be encouraged to include events in their own lives in order to make connections between events in our lives, our communities, our nation and our planet. There will also be an eco-themed poetry event in Marsden as part of the ‘Write Out Loud’ programme and an audio event listening to a lecture on ‘Eradicating Ecocide’ by the barrister and campaigner, Polly Higgins.

  • Saturday 16th June from 11am to 1pm – Rio +20 Timeline at the Green Fair, Methodist Church, Slaithwaite (including meeting with Jason McCartney MP).
  • Saturday 16th June from 2pm to 4pm – Rio +20 Timeline at the Oxfam Bookshop, Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth.
  • Wednesday 20th June from 7.30pm – ‘Planet Rio’ poetry event at Write Out Loud, Marsden Library.
  • Thursday 21st June from 6.15pm – Rio +20 Timeline and audio event : Polly Higgings lecture on ‘Eradicating Ecocide’, Coffeevolution, Huddersfield.

The Rio Connection poster (pdf)

Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change


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