Newsome Ward Community Plan workshop

Community First logoCommunity Plan workshop
Saturday 17th November 2012
from 1pm to 4pm

Newsome Scout Hall, Newsome Road South, Newsome HD4 6JJ

Help us to plan for the future of our area & decide what kind of community projects should receive grant funding

Newsome Ward Community First are a panel of local people who have funding available for local community projects. The panel are looking for residents of the Newsome Ward to help create a Community Plan. The plan will say what is important to local people and what our aspirations are for the future of the Newsome Ward. 
It will help the panel to decide what to spend their funding on over the next two years – and will also help our communities to look to the future.

Would you like to help? Come to this free workshop to find out what the project is trying to achieve, talk about what skills and resources we already have in our communities, and decide how we can work together to find out what local people think about our area. The workshop will be run by our community research partners, IbyD, who will provide training and support to help Newsome residents develop their plan.

For more details email:
or call Diane on: 07941 652836

Workshop leaflet:
Newsome Community Plan workshop (pdf)

Organised by:
Newsome Ward Community First & Newsome Ward Community Forum.

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