Save Newsome Fields – sign the petition

The view of Newsome's fields from Castle Hill

The view from Castle Hill today

How the view from Castle Hill could look if developed for housing

The possible view from Castle Hill
if Newsome’s fields are developed for housing

This area of green land off New Laithe Hill, near Newsome, is really valuable to our community. It’s also an asset to the wider Huddersfield area.

These fields below Castle Hill are currently registered as Provisional Open Land, which means that the land could potentially be used for a housing development in the future. We think this would be a great loss to Huddersfield.

The land is currently leased as farming land, as part of a community farm that is bringing huge benefits to local residents. The farm is important to Newsome, and we want to ensure that enough land is available for this project in the future.

Do you want to ensure that this land is kept undeveloped, for the benefit of future generations? You might like to show your support by signing the petition…

Save Newsome Fields – sign the petition:

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