Potato varieties available in 2016

Apache potatoes

Apache potatoes

If you’re going to grow some spuds this year, you might want to have a look at some of the 30 varieties of seed potato we’ll have available at our Seed Swap and Potato Day. There’s something for everyone, from old favourites to some more unusual varieties.

All our potatoes are 20p each (or £2 per dozen). You can pick and mix to get just what you need – and you’ll be supporting our community activities at the same time.

Our full list of varieties:

Potato picker 2016 – full list of varieties (pdf)

or you might like to try one of our top five…

Our top five potato picks

Jazzy seed potatoesJazzy was new to us last year – and lots of people have asked for more this time. It’s a waxy, set-skinnned potato which is grown in Britain by a group of five friendly farmers who are based in Cornwall, Norfolk and Lancashire. It’s versatile and good looking – boil, steam, crush or roast. It even has its own web site:

Jazzy potatoes

Pink Fir Apple potatoesPink Fir Apple potatoes are always in high demand here – and rightly so. They’re one of our all time favourites, great tasting both hot and cold. You can cook them whole in their skins, so don’t worry about peeling this unusual shaped spud. Pink Fir Apple is one of the five heritage varieties that we have available this year. To make sure that you don’t miss out on this firm favourite, we have lots of them in stock. Enjoy!

Apache potatoesApache is perhaps the most distinctive looking of our varieties, with red skin dotted with cream patches. It has a buttery chestnut flavour and a waxy texture. You can scrub the skins and cook them whole. The colours stay bright if you blanch them before roasting whole in their skins. If striking-coloured spuds are your thing, you might also like to try Salad Blue, Shetland Black or Kerr’s Pink.

Charlotte potatoesCharlotte is the most requested variety amongst our local growers. As well as some of the more unusual varieties, we’ve also chosen some of these more familiar types. These are popular, easy to grow varieties that are reliable croppers. Charlotte is a waxy salad type potato with good flavour and also good resistance to disease. If you’re looking for a reliable salad spud, this could be for you. It’s also one of our thirteen organic varieties.

Mixture of Sarpo potatoesSarpo potatoes are grown by the Sarvari Research Trust in North Wales. These potatoes all have excellent resistance to blight, so they are ideal for organic growers. Our participants have had great success with them. This year we have four varieties from the Sarvari Trust available – Sarpo Axona, Sarpo Mira, Kifli and Blue Danube (with blue skins but white flesh).

Try one or try them all.


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