Two weeks to save our historic mill ponds and greenspace

Save Newsome Mill ponds

You have a new opportunity to comment on the latest planning application for the land at Hart Street (planning application number 2016 / 91479), which proposes removing the mill ponds and cramming 22 houses onto the site.

We’re joining other local organisations in letting the Planning Service know that we’re still opposed to these plans – and we’re asking you to do the same.

You can object to the plans now by using the ‘Make a comment on this application’ link on the Kirklees web site. All previous comments sent to the Planning Service will still be considered, but please take this opportunity to show that you still object to the plans.

The deadline is 16th November 2016.

This land at Hart Street, right at the centre of Newsome, is part of the historic Newsome Mills site. It includes the 19th century mill pond, the former mill workers allotments and an avenue of protected trees that lines the approach to the Grade II listed Newsome Mills. It’s well used by wildlife and greatly valued by local residents. Community organisations in the area have asked the leaseholders many times for the use of this land, which we want to keep as open space for the benefit of residents and wildlife.

The planning application to build new housing on the site has been on hold since the summer, when Kirklees Council asked the applicants to supply some extra information, including a Heritage Statement and an Ecological Survey. The applicants have now written their own Heritage Statement, which argues that building housing on this land would not affect our local heritage, despite the fact that it would destroy the oldest surviving part of Newsome Mills and would drastically alter the character of our area.

If you value this heritage green space at the heart of Newsome, please object to the outline planning application from leaseholders Benjamin Bentley to build 22 houses on the land at Hart Street.

Local residents, community organisations and our ward councillors are opposing these plans for housing on the site. We want the mill ponds and green space to be kept for the benefit of residents and for wildlife (the ponds are used by bats, herons, geese and ducks). If you value this open space, will you help us?

In 2008 & 2009, very similar plans for this site were turned down after local people campaigned against them. The applicants said there was no demand for land for food growing in Newsome. Since then, we’ve become a community of almost 1,000 food growers, and we would welcome the return of this land to community ownership, so that we can use it in the way that local people want.

What the Planning Inspectorate says about the land at Hart Street

“The openness of this previously undeveloped part of the site provides valuable visual relief in what is otherwise a fairly densely developed urban area.

“The loss of previously undeveloped open land resulting from the proposal would have an unacceptable impact on the character and appearance of the area.”

(This was the verdict of Planning Inspector A J Davison, who dismissed an appeal about a similar planning application for this site in August 2009.)

If you agree with this, please object to the plans now and quote this statement in your letter, email or web comment.

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Save Newsome Mill Ponds

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Save Newsome Mill Ponds – November 2016 leaflet (PDF)

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