Seed potatoes for sale 2017

Potato Day 2017 photo Huddersfield Examienr

Photo: Huddersfield Examiner. Growing Newsome Potato Day at Newsome Scout Hall. Left to right: Jacqui Sullivan, Cherry Holding, Jan Siddall and Monica Plested.

If you missed out on our recent Potato Day, we still have some varieties of seed potato available for you to buy.

They’re for sale at £2 per dozen, mix and match (or 20p each). Available for collection from Newsome or from Huddersfield town centre. We may also be able to deliver locally.

Maris Bard – Organic (first early) sold
Smooth skinned, delicious when cooked or steamed. Successful for local growers.

Pentland Javelin (first early) 18 remaining
Heavy crops with pure white tasty flesh. Very good disease resistance.

Red Duke of York (first early) 27 remaining
Deep red in colour and a vigorous grower. Great flavour. Good for baking, boiling, mashing and chipping.

British Queen – Heritage variety (second early) 12 remaining
Dry, floury texture. High yields of general purpose potatoes. White oval tubers.

Jazzy (second early) 6 remaining
New waxy potato variety. Small, set-skinned tubers. Boil, steam, crush or roast.

Maris Peer – Organic (second early) sold
Waxy textured and well-flavoured potatoes that do not disintegrate when cooked.

Nicola – Organic (second early)
Small, firm, waxy potatoes. Good for salads or boiling. Grows long if given space.

Ambo – Organic (early main crop) 20 remaining
Attractive, white-skinned tubers with a splash of red. White creamy flesh. High yielding.

Foxton – Organic (early main crop) 10 remaining
Boils well with no discolouration, makes excellent bakers and roasties. Also good for chips and crisping.

International Kidney – Heritage variety (early main crop) 10 remaining
A classic maincrop variety, sold early in the season by Jersey growers under the trademark “Jersey Royals”.

Golden Wonder – Organic, Heritage variety (late main crop)
Russet skin. One of the best for baking, frying and roasting, with a rich flavour that improves on storage.

Pink Fir Apple – Heritage variety (late main crop)
We highly recommend Pink Fir Apples – they’re our biggest seller. You can cook them whole and there’s no need for peeling.

We also have some Sturon onion sets and some Jerusalem Artichoke tubers.
Let us know if you’d like some.

Sarpo potatoesFull list of descriptions:
Seed Potatoes for sale 2017 list (PDF)

Please email:
if you’d like some.

First come, first served!

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