Can you sow a few extra seeds to swap or share?


Get plant swapping

Every May we hold a big plant swap that’s bursting with vegetables, salads, fruit, herbs, seeds and wildlife-friendly flowers. If you’d like to get involved, you can:

– Sow a few extra seeds this Spring.
– Bring along your spare seedlings.
– Take cuttings or divide perennial plants.
– Save your seeds to share.

What would you like to grow?

Please let us know if there are particular plants that you’d like to be able to pick up from our Plant Swap, and we’ll ask our network if anyone can bring them along. We’ve already been asked for Cardoons, Globe Artichokes, Patty Pan Squash, Dill, Peppers and soft fruit. Please let us know about anything you can bring, or anything you’d like to get – and we’ll do our best to find it. 

Join us for our Big Plant Swap

You’re very welcome to join us between 10am and 1pm on Saturday 20th May at Newsome Scout Hall to swap or share whatever you’ve grown and to meet other local food growers. Full event details will be available on our web site nearer the time.

seedlings and plants


2 Responses

  1. In reply to your email of 4th April, yes, I will put a few more seeds in and bring them along on 20th May.

    How does the swap work exactly? I came last year (about half way through the event) and ended up giving away my seedlings and buying some other plants!

    I have bought a large pack of powdered seaweed meal (soil conditioner & fertiliser – large pack more economical than small) – do you think anyone would be interested in a kilo or two at about £2 a kilo (I believe that normally you can’t get it that cheap unless you buy at least 20kg)? If so I’ll bring some along for sale.

    Andy Macdonald 8 Park Drive Shelley

    • Hi Andy. You’re welcome to choose something in exchange for any plants or seedlings that you bring along. Usually we just leave it up to participants to decide what to pick up in exchange, and you can make a donation for anything else that you’d like to take. Feel free to ask anyone on the plant stall if you’re unsure about anything. And yes, please bring some of the seaweed meal along if you’d like. We do sometimes get things in bulk to share with local growers, and our participants are usually interested in anything organic.

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