Growing Newsome’s 2018 homegrown preserves for sale

Jam gift boxes
We have a selection of preserves available now, all freshly made this Summer and Autumn from fruit and vegetables grown in the Newsome area…

gift boxes and bagsChristmas gift boxes – £5 each

We’re offering our popular gift boxes again this year. Each box contains two 8oz jars of homemade preserves – you can choose the contents from our selection of jams, jellies and marmalade. Look out for more Autumn preserves as we make them.

They are boxed with a pretty fabric ribbon and tag (designs vary).

Choose any two jars:

  • Jam – Strawberry Jam, Blackberry and Apple Jam, Blackcurrant Jam, Rhubarb and Ginger Jam, Courgette and Ginger Jam*
  • Jelly – Redcurrant Jelly*, Apple and Strawberry Jelly*Grape Jelly,
    Apple Jelly with Elderberries
  • Marmalade – Orange marmalade* (homemade, not homegrown)

*low stock


Easy to recycle or reuse

Our gift boxes are fully recyclable. The box, tag, labels and stickers are made of paper and card. Our ribbons are fabric, which can be composted or reused.

You’re welcome to return the jars to us at any Growing Newsome event or Newsome Forum meeting, or glass can be taken to bottle banks or recycling centres.

Individual jars – £2.40 each

We also have a selection of individual 1lb jars of preserves:

Strawberry and Raspberry Jam
Strawberry and Lime Jam
Rhubarb and Ginger Jam
Redcurrant Jelly

Apart from the citrus fruits, all our fresh ingredients are homegrown, so we have limited supplies and therefore not every preserve may be available in every jar size. 

Delivery or collection

You can pick up your preserves from us in Newsome or in Huddersfield Town Centre – or we may be able to drop them off for you if you’re nearby. Please email to make an order.


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