Onions, shallots and vegetable seeds on sale in 2021

Spring seed planting pack £5

1 x packet Beetroot Cylindra

1 x packet Broad Bean Karmazyn

1 x packet Dwarf French Bean Amethyst

1 x packet Peas (mixed varieties)

1 x packet Sunflower Tall Single (Helianthus)

12 x Seed potatoes (6 x earlies, 6 x main crop)

18 x Onion sets (mixed)

Onions, shallots and seeds

Onion sets – 60p per dozen (mix and match)

Sturon – A great size onion, well known for its flavour. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. 

Rumba – British bred variety with improved vigour, shape and storage qualities.
Sorry, sold out

Snowball A superb white onion with a full mild flavour. Stores well. Sorry, sold out

Red Baron – An eye-catching red onion with a stronger flavour than most varieties. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Sorry, sold out

Plant: March to April

Harvest: July to September.

Onion sets – £1 per dozen (larger size) 

Centurion – Straw-yellow, semi-round onions with good crisp flesh. Good cropper and an excellent winter storer. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

sorry, sold out

Shallot sets, Yellow Moon – £1 for 6

sorry, sold out

Golden skinned shallots. Sweeter and milder than onions, shallots have twice the amount of vitamin C and are also rich in vitamins A, B and E. They are great for sauces, dressings, and salads. Each set will grow into a bunch of shallots, which store well after harvest.

Plant: March to April

Harvest: July to September

onions and shallots

Seed packets – 50p each

We’ve chosen a few things that are easy to grow, especially in a smaller space. These seeds come in a simple paper envelope with printed label, all freshly packed in spring.

beetrootBeetroot Cylindra 

A unique cylindrical shaped beetroot which is great for salads and pickling, because you get more slices per root. Tender and sweet in flavour with deep red flesh. Maintains its sweetness and tenderness over a long growing season. Produces smooth roots about 10cm (4”) long and is slow to bolt. Minimum 120 seeds per pack.

Sow: March to July

Harvest: June to October

Broad beansBroad Bean Karmazyn

An improved heritage broad bean broad bean with lovely rose pink seeds. These compact plants produce small, upright, easy-to-pick growing pods. Enjoy a bountiful and tasty crop. Harvest when the seed shapes are just visible through the pod. Minimum 15 seeds per pack.

Sow: February to May

Harvest: June to August

french beansDwarf French Bean Amethyst

These compact french bean plants grow striking purple pods and have pretty mauve flowers. The tasty, stringless beans are quick maturing and grow over a long picking season. Pods are about 15cm (6”) long and slender, turning an attractive shade of green when cooked. Height: 60cm (24″). Spread: 30cm (12″). Minimum 36 seeds per pack.

Sow: April to June

Harvest: July to September

peasPea Tom Thumb (Half Pint)sorry, sold out

This dwarf pea is perfect for growing in pots or containers where space is limited, as it only grows 15-20cm (6-8”) tall. It’s frost hardy and can be grown with very little support. Gives a good crop of sweet full-sized pods with bright green and tasty peas. White flowers. Fast growing. Minimum 24 seeds per pack.

Sow: March to June

Harvest: May to September

We’ve also included something that’s not so small, because we all need something to make us smile…


Sunflower Tall Single (Helianthus)

A very tall sunflower with enormous golden-yellow flowers. Great fun for children and perfect for pollinators. Easy to grow. Hardy annual. Height: 210-240cm (7-8′). Minimum 24 seeds per pack.

Sow: March (under glass) or April to May (outdoors)

Flowers July to October

garlic plantsSprouted garlic – £1 for 3

We have just a few sprouted garlic plants available, ready for planting straight out in February or March. Your plants will be either Thermidrome or Solent Wight Extra Early.

 2 packs remaining


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