Garlic bulbs available in 2021

garlic bulbs

Our Autumn planting vegetables this year will include six different varieties of garlic. Pick up your garlic from our Autumn Gathering event on Saturday 16th October from 10am to 1pm at Newsome Scout Hall, Newsome Road South, Newsome, Huddersfield HD4 6JJ.

Garlic needs a month or more in the ground at a temperature of 10C or less, and Autumn planting gives you the best chance for this. So you can get planting yours soon – all you need to do is decide what sort to grow.

To help you choose, here are some notes…

Caulk Wight

  • Purple-striped bulbs which resist splitting
  • Hardneck variety from Eastern Europe
  • Grows well in the UK climate
  • Good flavour and easy to peel
  • Perfect for autumn planting
  • Harvest as early as June

Germidour (organic)

  • Fast growing French variety with high yields
  • A rich purple head with ivory clove skins – very attractive non-flowering variety
  • Can be strung or plaited
  • Winner of RHS Award of Gardening Merit
  • Plant October or November for harvest in June
  • Lift as soon as mature. Should keep until December following harvesting

Mersley Wight

  • Has the best keeping quality (up to 10 months)
  • Softneck variety well suited to UK growing
  • Classic silverskin garlic
  • Larger cloves and very vigorous
  • Plant in late winter or ideally early spring
  • Harvest in late July or early August

Picardy Wight

  • Originally from the fields of Picardy, growing around the battllefields of the Somme
  • Copes really well with cooler and wetter conditions – will grow where other varieties have struggled
  • Strong flavoured bulbs which store well
  • Plant from October to March
  • Harvest July to August

Rhapsody Wight

  • The first true garlic of the season
  • Large purple bulbs with wide leafy growth
  • Fresh flavour – perfect for salads
  • Softneck variety from France
  • Plant: October to January
  • Harvest: June


Thermidrome (organic)

  • A traditional variety producing large heads and cloves
  • Very hardy so ideal even in harsh conditions
  • White head with a hint of pink, and white clove skins
  • Plant in October or November for harvest in July
  • A non-flowering variety which can be strung or plaited
  • Should keep until the December following harvesting

You can pick up your garlic bulbs from our Autumn Gathering event on Saturday 16th October from 10am to 1pm at Newsome Scout Hall. We ask for £2 per bulb to cover our costs. This is ideal if you have a small garden or plot, as you don’t need to buy a whole pack. It’s also great if you fancy planting more than one variety and you just want one bulb of each – or if you want lots, but want to save some pennies (and avoid paying for postage). We’ll have some onions, vegetable seeds and plants too.

If you can’t make it to our Autumn event, we will offer any remaining stock afterwards. You can Join our email list for updates.

garlic, onions and shallots

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