Growing Newsome’s homegrown preserves – gift boxes 2021


We have a selection of preserves available now, freshly made this Summer and Autumn from fruit and vegetables grown in the Newsome area. All sales help to support our food growing community.

Christmas gift boxes – £5 each


Two 8oz jars of our homegrown preserves, presented in a fully recyclable gift box with festive fabric ribbon, paper tag and wooden charm. Choose from our selection of preserves, made from fruit and vegetables grown in Newsome.


Choose any two jars:

  • Jam
    Autumn Berry and Apple Jam, Blackcurrant Jam, Courgette and Ginger Jam*,
    Blackberry and Apple Jam*, Loganberry, Raspberry and Lime Jam*,
    Plum Jam*Plum and Apple Jam*, Raspberry Jam*
  • Jelly
    Apple Jelly with Blackberries, Mixed Currant Jelly, Redcurrant Jelly
  • Marmalade and Conserves
    Orange Marmalade (not homegrown, but homemade), Spiced Apple Butter (a slow cooked smooth preserve, made with cinnamon and nutmeg)
  • Pickles
    Bread and Butter Pickles (made with cucumber and onion)

* low stock
Sorry, sold out

If we’ve run out of something you really wanted, feel free to drop us an email to check whether we’re making any more before Christmas.


Easy to recycle or reuse

Our gift boxes are fully recyclable. The box, tag and labels are made of paper and card. Our ribbons are fabric, which can be composted or reused – and you can hang the wooden charm on your Christmas tree.

You’re welcome to return jars to us at any Growing Newsome event in 2022, or glass can be taken to bottle banks or recycling centres.

Nutritional and allergy information

All our preserves are Vegetarian. Our homegrown jam and jelly is made with just fruit or vegetables, sugar and sometimes lemon or lime. Everything except our marmalade is Vegan. Pickles contain mustard seeds.

Homegrown jams

Apart from the citrus fruits, all our fresh ingredients are homegrown, so we have limited supplies. We’ll update this page with our current stock availability. Label designs may vary.

Order, pay and collect

Please email to make an order. We’ll confirm your order and send you a link that you can use to pay online. Orders can be collected from Newsome village on a number of days during December. We’ll send you the details when your order is ready. If you need to collect your order before a certain date, please let us know. Thank you.

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