Potato varieties on sale in 2022

If you’d like some seed potatoes to plant this spring, have a look at some of the 20 potato varieties we have available. There’s something for everyone, from our regular favourites to some more unusual varieties.

All our potatoes are £2 per dozen, pick and mix (or 20p each). You can choose just what you need – and you’ll be supporting our food growing community at the same time. We’ll also have shallots, onions and lots of other vegetable seeds available this spring. 

All being well, you can pick up your seed potatoes from our Huddersfield Potato Day and Seed Swap on Saturday 5th March 2022 from 10am at Newsome Scout Hall, Newsome, Huddersfield HD4 6JJ. Sorry we’re not able to take any advance orders this year, but you can pick up your potatoes from our event, or buy afterwards if we have some left. If you have any questions, you can email us at: GrowingNewsome@gmail.com

Our full list of potato varieties:

Potato picker 2022 – full details of all our varieties (PDF)

We have our six most popular potato picks available in much larger quantities.
More than half of our varieties are Organic. We also have some heritage and blight-resistant varieties.

Popular potato picks

Rocket – first early

Rocket is well named, because it grows really quickly. It’s among the first potato varieties to crop and produces large quantities of uniform shaped tubers. It’s also well suited to growing at home in containers or potato bags.


Charlotte potatoesCharlotte – second early

Charlotte is a popular, easy to grow, waxy salad variety. You can grow fresh flavoured potatoes which taste great either hot or cold. Ideal for salads and your crop will store until Christmas. Good disease resistance and high yielding.


Kestrel potatoesKestrel – second early

Kestrel is one of our ever-popular early potato varieties. It has a unique purple blush, a naturally occurring trait which is passed on from the parent variety, the Cara potato. Kestrel has a delicious, slightly-sweet flavour and is great for baking, roasting and chips. It also has good disease resistance and was recommended by Joe Maiden. 

Desiree – main crop

Desiree is a very popular choice for food growers. The tasty white and creamy flesh has a lovely, fluffy texture when cooked. Great whether baked, roasted or mashed. It’s very versatile and easy to grow.


Sarpo Mira potatoesSarpo Mira – main crop (Organic)

Sarpo potatoes are grown by the Sarvari Research Trust in North Wales. These potatoes all have excellent resistance to blight, so they are ideal for organic growers. Our participants have had great success with Sarpo Mira in particular and we always grow these ourselves.


Pink Fir Apple potatoes

Pink Fir Apple – late main crop (heritage)

Pink Fir Apple potatoes are always in high demand here – and rightly so. They’re one of our all time favourites, great tasting both hot and cold. You can cook them whole in their skins, so don’t worry about peeling this unusual shaped spud. To make sure that you don’t miss out on this firm favourite, we keep lots of them in stock. Enjoy!



Organised by Growing Newsome

Our special thanks to the
West Yorkshire Organic Group
for supporting our Potato Day.



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