1,000 fruit trees

2013  Plant an apple tree in your garden for £5 (pdf)

2012 – Plant an apple tree in your garden for £5 (pdf)

2011 – Plant an apple tree in your garden for £5


Newsome Ward councillors have started a new project to plant a thousand fruit trees and fruit bushes around the whole of the Newsome Ward. Councillor Andrew Cooper said: “This is an exciting new idea to bring free and healthy food to local people. We are to commence a long term project which will see apple, pear and peach trees growing on council owned land throughout the Newsome area.

“We are also keen to establish ‘herb pathways’ with an abundance of plants such as rosemary and thyme growing freely along pathways for local people to harvest as they need it. We need to find imaginative ways to reduce people’s expenses and promote a healthy diet. This is a new way of doing just that.

“Once established the trees will provide fruit for decades to come. We are also keen to get local children involved in the planting of the trees to give them an interest in nature and to get the satisfaction of seeing something they have planted grow as they grow themselves.”

This will build on existing projects in Newsome such as the community orchard at Hey Green, and a series of activities with the children of Stile Common Infant School at Stile Common Park, which included planting a variety of fruit trees. Environmental Alliance supported local residents with both of these projects.

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