Plants available for our Plant Drop

Here’s a list of the plants that we currently have available for our Plant Drop. We’ve included things that you can grow on your windowsill, such as herbs and miniature tomatoes, and some varieties of outdoor vegetables that are good for growing in small spaces. For a few items, we’re suggesting just one per order at the moment, so that we can share around what we have. We’ll keep updating this page as availability changes.

Red cabbage


Cabbage – Minicole
Cabbage – Pixie
Red Cabbage – Tinty
Red Cabbage – Red Drumheaad
Red Cabbage – Kalibos
Asturian Tree Cabbage
Purple Sprouting Broccoli – Early (1 or 2 per pot)
Cqauliflower – All The Year Round
Brussels Sprout – Evesham Special
Brussels Sprout – Petit Posy (2 per pot)
Brussels Sprout – Red (grown by Angela) NEW
Kale (Cavolo Nero) – Black Tuscany (2 or 3 per pot)
Kale – Dwarf Green Curled (bunch per pot)
Kale – Scarlet (2 per pot)
Collard – Flash

Silver beet


Leaf crops

Chard – Red Magic
Chard – Rhubarb Chard
Chard – Peppermint
Chard – White Silver
Chard – Flamingo Pink
Red Veined Sorrel
Old English Mustard
Spinach Beet (grown by Gez) NEW



(one pack per order)

Dwarf French Bean – Valdor (pack of 6)
Dwarf French Bean – Concador (pack of 6)
Dwarf French Bean – Red Swan (pack of 6)
Climbing Bean – Pea Bean (pack of 6)




Bush Tomato – Amateur
Bush Tomato – Red Robin
Bush Tomato – Red Alert
Bush Tomato – Minibel
Bush Tomato (miniature) – House
Bush Tomato (miniature) – Tiny Tim
Bush Tomato (miniature) – Sweet n Neat Yellow
Bush Tomato (miniature) – Sweet n Neat Scarlet
Bush Tomato (miniature) – Totem
Tomato – Red Pear
Tomato – Outdoor Girl
Tomato – Oxheart Raspberry Pink
Tomato – Matina
Tomato – Yellow Pear
Tomato – Gardeners Delight / Moneymaker (grown by Debby) NEW


Sweet peppers

Sweet Pepper – Long Red Marconi
Sweet Pepper – Corno di Toro
Sweet Pepper – Jubilanska

hot peppers

Hot peppers

Hot Pepper – Anaheim
Hot Pepper – Hotscotch
Hot Pepper – Patio Sizzle



(one per order)

Aubergine – Rosita
Aubergine – Listada de Gandia
Aubergine – Striped Toga





(one per order)

Courgette – Romanesco Latino
Courgette – Early Gem
Courgette – Zucchini
Courgette – Shooting Star
Courgette – Verde di Italia
Courgette – Costanta Romanesco
Courgette – Zephyr
Courgette – Mini Buckingham
Courgette – One Ball
Courgette – Baseball
Courgette (grown by Marj)

summer squash

Summer squash

(one per order)

Summer squash – Sunshine
Summer squash – Custard White
Summer squash – Bennings Green Tint
Summer squash – Sunburst
Summer squash – Trombocino

Butternut squash

Winter squash

(one per order)

Winter squash – Victor
Winter squash – Potimarron
Winter squash – Autumn Crown
Winter squash – Violina di Rugosa
Winter squash – North Georgia Candy Roaster
Butternut squash – Walnut
Butternut squash – Waltham Butternut



(one or two per order)

Pumpkin – Jack be Little NEW
Pumpkin – Halloween (grown by Angela)  NEW



(one per order)

Marrow – Moonbeam NEW


Root crops

Kohl Rabi – Gigant (2 per pot)
Kohl Rabi – Red Azure (2 per pot)

plant in pot


(Basils – one per order)

Basil – Cinnamon
Basil – Red Dark Opal
Basil – Mrs Burn’s Lemon
Basil – Lime
Basil – Summer Surprise
Basil – Lettuce Leaved
Basil – Floral Spires
Basil – Anton
Bronze Fennel



Other things

(Cardoons – one per order)

Physalis (Cape Gooseberry)
Cardoon – Rouge d’ Alger
Cardoon – Argente de Geneve
Blackcurrants (rooted cuttings, grown by Angela)
Jostaberry (rooted cuttings, grown by Angela) NEW
Lavender (grown by Chris) NEW

Request a doorstep plant drop

wheelbarrowPlease let us know what plants you’d like delivering to your doorstep. Our online form will open in a new window in your web browser.

Tip: You can copy and paste plant names from this page to save you having to type everything in.

Growing Newsome Plant Drop – request some plants

If we get a lot of requests at the same time, we may pause our order form for a while to give us chance to pack the deliveries that we already have. We can deliver anywhere in the Newsome ward and will also aim to deliver to other places in Huddersfield, 

If you have any questions, please email:

Plant Drop

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