Share your skills


The results of our food growing survey showed not just how keen Newsome residents are on food growing, but also how willing local people are to help each other. Over half of the people we talked to said that they would do something to help other people in Newsome to grow their own food.

Could you do something to help others? Perhaps you are an experienced food grower who can offer advice and encouragement to a neighbour. Or maybe you’d be willing to help someone to do some digging or clear an area of their garden. Or you might be willing to let someone else grow vegetables in part of your garden, in exchange for a share of the harvest.

Are you looking for help with food growing? Do you need land, expertise, tools or any other kind of support? Perhaps you’d like some help with the heavy digging. Or you might be looking for someone to share an allotment with. Or maybe you want to grow food at home but you’re just not sure where to start.

We can all help each other to grow more of our own local food.

Please use our online form to tell us what help you would like to give or receive, and let us know how to contact you. We will only use your details to contact you about food growing – and we won’t share your details with anyone else.

Or you can print out and return our skills sharing form:

Skills sharing sheet (pdf)

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