Join us 27th Nov: ECO-nomy public meeting – Putting people & communities first through climate action

An event from our friends at Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change…

Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change

green hard hat

On Thursday 27th November at the Huddersfield Methodist Mission we will be holding an ‘ECO-nomy’ public meeting exploring ways in which we could create a green economy that works for people and planet.

We are really pleased to have four speakers for this event:

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Clean British Energy / Green is Working lobby

crowd wearing green hard hats outside the TreasurySaturday 24th November 2012
Huddersfield Town Hall, Ramsden Street

An action from the Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change to say that the government’s Energy Bill must build the green economy.

Did you know?

  • Last year 1/3 of UK economic growth came from green businesses.
  • The renewable electricity industry already employs 110, 000 people with the potential to employ tens of thousands more people.
  • Developing the green economy would reduce the UK’s balance of payments by reducing our imports of fossil fuels.
  • Green energy would help regional economies grow across the UK.

The Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change are calling on the government to:

Decarbonise Electricity by 2030 and
Keep Aviation and Shipping in the Climate Act

11.45 am Photo stunt (Please wear something green)

12 noon to 12.30pm Lobby of Jason McCartney, MP for the Colne Valley. Please note: This meeting is by prior arrangement so if you would like to attend please email by Wednesday 21st November 2012.

For more information see:

Green is Working – Stop Climate Chaos

Clean British Energy – Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change

Green is Working poster (pdf)

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