Get your grown-ups growing

On 16th October 2009 we ran two events for parents and children at Stile Common. Our activities were right at the end of the final half-term before the two schools merged – so it was also our way of saying goodbye to Stile Common Infants School and Stile Common Junior School (and hello to Hillside Primary).

We gave away onions, seeds and some hardy herbs. Janet also got a chance to show off some of the things she learned on the gardening course at Taylor Hill.

Did you know that you can grow plants from tea-bags? Janet showed the fascinated children and their parents how to sow seeds on used tea-bags – a good bit of recycling that saves both money and time. Why not give it a go yourself?

We hope to help Hillside Primary to start their gardening club when the school grounds have been finished next year.

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