Autumn event – Saturday 16th October 2021

Love local food? There’s lots for you to enjoy at this event…

Autumn event

Saturday 16th October 2021
10am to 1pm

Newsome Scout Hall
Newsome Road South
Huddersfield HD4 6JJ

Get together with other food growers, neighbours and friends.

Tea, coffee and homemade cakes available.

Lots of jam and preserves made from fruit and vegetables grown in Newsome

Autumn-planting vegetables to grow at home or on your allotment.

Beekeeping advice and demonstration hive from the Huddersfield and District Bee Keeping Association.

Freshly picked vegetables from Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Stirley Farm.

Book stall with all sorts of books.

Information about local volunteering, events and activities.

Got something to share? You can bring along spare fruit or vegetables, seeds, recipes or anything you’d like to share. 

Jam jar amnesty – clean, small jam jars (1 Ib or less) that fit a 63mm lid are welcome.

garlic bulbs

Autumn planting:

Autumn planting vegetables for you to take home – including a selection of garlic bulbs, onions, seeds, overwintering leaf crops and anything else we can rustle up. You can also let us know what kind of seed potatoes you’d like us to have available in 2022.

Garlic bulbs available at our Autumn event 2021

Hot homegrown lunch:
served from 12 noon to 1pm

Enjoy some seasonal soup for lunch at the Scout Hall, made with some locally grown vegetables and served with a selection of fresh breads, followed by a hot Autumn pudding made with some local fruit.

How you can help:


Organised by Growing Newsome

Local organisations who are interested in taking part in our events are welcome to contact us.

Garlic bulbs available in 2021

garlic bulbs

Our Autumn planting vegetables this year will include six different varieties of garlic. Pick up your garlic from our Autumn Gathering event on Saturday 16th October from 10am to 1pm at Newsome Scout Hall, Newsome Road South, Newsome, Huddersfield HD4 6JJ.

Garlic needs a month or more in the ground at a temperature of 10C or less, and Autumn planting gives you the best chance for this. So you can get planting yours soon – all you need to do is decide what sort to grow.

To help you choose, here are some notes…

Caulk Wight

  • Purple-striped bulbs which resist splitting
  • Hardneck variety from Eastern Europe
  • Grows well in the UK climate
  • Good flavour and easy to peel
  • Perfect for autumn planting
  • Harvest as early as June

Germidour (organic)

  • Fast growing French variety with high yields
  • A rich purple head with ivory clove skins – very attractive non-flowering variety
  • Can be strung or plaited
  • Winner of RHS Award of Gardening Merit
  • Plant October or November for harvest in June
  • Lift as soon as mature. Should keep until December following harvesting

Mersley Wight

  • Has the best keeping quality (up to 10 months)
  • Softneck variety well suited to UK growing
  • Classic silverskin garlic
  • Larger cloves and very vigorous
  • Plant in late winter or ideally early spring
  • Harvest in late July or early August

Picardy Wight

  • Originally from the fields of Picardy, growing around the battllefields of the Somme
  • Copes really well with cooler and wetter conditions – will grow where other varieties have struggled
  • Strong flavoured bulbs which store well
  • Plant from October to March
  • Harvest July to August

Rhapsody Wight

  • The first true garlic of the season
  • Large purple bulbs with wide leafy growth
  • Fresh flavour – perfect for salads
  • Softneck variety from France
  • Plant: October to January
  • Harvest: June


Thermidrome (organic)

  • A traditional variety producing large heads and cloves
  • Very hardy so ideal even in harsh conditions
  • White head with a hint of pink, and white clove skins
  • Plant in October or November for harvest in July
  • A non-flowering variety which can be strung or plaited
  • Should keep until the December following harvesting

You can pick up your garlic bulbs from our Autumn Gathering event on Saturday 16th October from 10am to 1pm at Newsome Scout Hall. We ask for £2 per bulb to cover our costs. This is ideal if you have a small garden or plot, as you don’t need to buy a whole pack. It’s also great if you fancy planting more than one variety and you just want one bulb of each – or if you want lots, but want to save some pennies (and avoid paying for postage). We’ll have some onions, vegetable seeds and plants too.

If you can’t make it to our Autumn event, we will offer any remaining stock afterwards. You can Join our email list for updates.

garlic, onions and shallots

Growing Newsome stall, 31st July 2021

Growing Newsome are taking part in this friendly morning event organised by Newsome Ward Community Forum:

Community Coffee & Catch Up

Saturday 31st July from 10am to 1pm

Newsome Scout Hall, Newsome Road South HD4 6JJ

Come along for a cuppa and sit down to enjoy some homemade cake (including some your favourites from our volunteers) and catch up with others in our community.

Visit our Growing Newsome stall for a selection of locally grown jams.

Browse our plants – if you’re looking for something in particular, please let us know and we’ll try to help.

Pick up information about other things going on in our local area.

If you’d like to avoid handling cash, at our stall we will be accepting contactless card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay and payments from other contactless smartphones and watches (but you can still pay with cash if you’d like).

We look forward to seeing you there.

jam stall

Community Coffee & Catch Up

Pop up Plant Swap gallery

We had a great pop up event on Saturday 12th June 2021 to share our plants, seeds and local food. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in. It was great to see our elves back together again and to welcome so many plant swappers. Thank you all for making it possible – and special thanks to Newsome Scouts for giving us a safe outdoor space to meet in.

Photos by Diane, Danni and Gideon

Pop up Plant Swap – Saturday 12th June 2021

Pop up Plant Swap

Saturday 12th June 2021
10am to 12 noon

An outdoor event

Newsome Scout Hall, Newsome Road South, Huddersfield HD4 6JJ

Looking for some plants?

One of the best things about growing your own food is having something to share and enjoy with others. We are really missing having our usual events, where we can all get together to swap our plants, seeds and experiences. So although we haven’t been able to hold our annual Big Plant Swap this year, we’re pleased to say that we’ve come up with an alternative event. 

Come along to our outdoor Pop up Plant Swap to take your pick from our wide selection of edible plants, and a few other things. Our plants will include:

Wildlife-friendly flowers

Got some seedlings or plants to share?

You’re very welcome to bring along plants, seedlings, cuttings or seeds to swap – but you don’t need to bring something to be able to take something (you can make a donation to Growing Newsome in exchange for your plants).

Some things that other growers have told us they are particularly looking for are:

Summer Squash
Runner Beans
Red Cabbages
Dwarf Tomatoes
Sweet Peas

Greenhouse veg is always popular, and people also like to pick up some flowering plants along with the edible plants. If you have a request to add, please email

Top tips for plant swapping

1. Please label your plants – it will really help our other growers. Or let us know what you’ve brought so that we can label your plants for you.

2. Bring along a trug, box or basket – anything handy to carry your plants home in.

3. See what appears – you’ll be amazed how many plants get shuffled on the day.

How you can visit safely and keep others safe

It’s safer for us to meet outdoors – so our Plant Swap will be outside the entrance to Newsome Scout Hall.

Please sanitise your hands when you arrive (we’re providing some hand sanitiser). We also recommend doing this before you leave.

If other people are already at the stall, please give each other room and wait for a safe space.

If you’d like to avoid handling cash, we will be accepting contactless card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay and payments from other contactless smartphones and watches (but you can still pay with cash if you’d like).

Please be reassured that we’re following public health guidelines and keeping in touch with our ward councillors. 

How you can help

We know it’s short notice for our Pop up event. We really hope you can make it on the day – and if you can help to let other people In the local area know it’s happening, we really appreciate it. You might want to offer to pick something up for others who are isolating. We also welcome donations of plants ahead of the day. If you’d like to buy something but can’t get here on the day, please let us know and between us we’ll do our best to help.

Volunteers Week

It’s Volunteers Week

A huge thank you to our organising group and to all our volunteers and friends, who make our events and activities happen. Want to join our friendly community of food growers? We’re looking for more volunteers to help look after our Community Allotment and to help organise our community events.

Please come along to our Pop up Plant Swap to meet other volunteers and find out how you can get involved.

What usually happens at our Plant Swap?

Here’s a short film about Growing Newsome’s Plant Swap, made by Alistair I Macdonald at Curlew Films for Plant it Grow it Eat it. Things are a bit different this year, but the plant swapping is still the same – and we all love it.

Newsome Mill Ponds matter – share your views

We know that Newsome Mill Ponds matter to lots of people in Newsome (and beyond). If our mill ponds matter to you, please send Kirklees Council your comments about plans to build 22 houses on this heritage greenspace. You have until Tuesday 8th June to share your views.

How to make your views heard

You can share your comments with Kirklees Council, to be considered as part of the planning decision. Please share your comments by Tuesday 8th June 2021.

Object to the application online now at:

You do not need to create an account to comment –
just choose the ‘Or, continue as a guest‘ link

(you can write up to 500 words)

Or email:

(there is no word limit for email responses)

Or write to:

Kirklees Planning Service, Civic Centre 3, PO BOX B93, Huddersfield, HD1 2JR

You must include your name and postal address in emails or letters. You must also quote this reference:

Planning application 2021/91638

About this site

This heritage greenspace right at the heart of Newsome includes the 19th century mill pond and culvert (the oldest surviving part of Newsome Mills), the former mill workers allotments and an avenue of protected trees. It’s well used by wildlife and greatly valued by residents. Local people and community organisations in the area have spoken up many times in support of this greenspace, which we want to keep for the benefit of residents and wildlife.

Newsome Mill Ponds are fed by a network of land drains, running all down the hillside between Castle Hill and Newsome. The ponds have been providing an important function in preventing local flooding for 200 years. Newsome Mill Ponds matter for local people, for our health and wellbeing, for wildlife, for sustainable drainage, for our heritage and for our sense of belonging.

If Newsome Mill Ponds matter to you, please add your comments:

Further information

Newsome Mill Ponds matter – Newsome Mills campaign blog

View the planning application

Planning application 2021/91638

Potato pick and Spring seed shuffle 2021

Potato pick and spring seed shuffle

Although we aren’t able to get together again just yet, thankfully Spring isn’t cancelled. We’re still here to help you grow your own food. We would usually have our annual Huddersfield Potato Day and Seed Swap on the first Saturday in March – so we’ve come up with an alternative to help you get growing.

You can order seed potatoes, onions and shallots from us now. We also have some vegetable seeds that are good for growing in small spaces.

You can order and pay online, then collect from Newsome village. If you’re shielding or self-isolating, we’ll do our best to deliver to you at home.

If restrictions are eased over the next few weeks, we may also be able to have a pop up stall that you can come along to for more goodies. But in the meantime, please let us know what you’d like and we’ll do our best to help.

PotatoesPotato pick

You can choose just what you need from our selection of 20 different varieties. We have limited quantities of some varieties this time, but we also have our six most popular varieties in larger quantities than usual.

Potato varieties on sale in 2021

vegetable seedsSeed shuffle

We have a selection of onions and shallots for you to choose from, plus some vegetable seeds that are great for growing in smaller spaces. Or choose our Spring seed pack if you’d like a bit of everything for £5.

Onions, shallots and seeds on sale in 2021

Order, pay and collect

wheelbarrowPlease fill in our online order form. Orders can be collected from Newsome village on a number of days during March. We’ll send you the details when your order is ready. We can accept a contactless card payment on your collection day, or you may be able to pay online. If you’d prefer to pay a different way, please let us know.

Send us your order

Shielding or self-isolating? 

Please fill in our online order form to make a request. We’re hoping to deliver to people in Newsome and the wider Huddersfield area. If we’re able to deliver to you, we’ll confirm your order and send you a link that you can use to pay online. After we receive your payment, one of our volunteers will bring your order to you at home. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Send us your order

Thank you cardSupported by our volunteers

Thank you to all the members of the Growing Newsome network who are continuing to offer help with our deliveries and preparations. Your support really means a lot to us. We’re following all the latest guidance to keep everyone safe. Thank you for looking out for each other.

Growing guides


Onions, shallots and vegetable seeds on sale in 2021

Spring seed planting pack £5

1 x packet Beetroot Cylindra

1 x packet Broad Bean Karmazyn

1 x packet Dwarf French Bean Amethyst

1 x packet Peas (mixed varieties)

1 x packet Sunflower Tall Single (Helianthus)

12 x Seed potatoes (6 x earlies, 6 x main crop)

18 x Onion sets (mixed)

Onions, shallots and seeds

Onion sets – 60p per dozen (mix and match)

Sturon – A great size onion, well known for its flavour. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. 

Rumba – British bred variety with improved vigour, shape and storage qualities.
Sorry, sold out

Snowball A superb white onion with a full mild flavour. Stores well. Sorry, sold out

Red Baron – An eye-catching red onion with a stronger flavour than most varieties. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Sorry, sold out

Plant: March to April

Harvest: July to September.

Onion sets – £1 per dozen (larger size) 

Centurion – Straw-yellow, semi-round onions with good crisp flesh. Good cropper and an excellent winter storer. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

sorry, sold out

Shallot sets, Yellow Moon – £1 for 6

sorry, sold out

Golden skinned shallots. Sweeter and milder than onions, shallots have twice the amount of vitamin C and are also rich in vitamins A, B and E. They are great for sauces, dressings, and salads. Each set will grow into a bunch of shallots, which store well after harvest.

Plant: March to April

Harvest: July to September

onions and shallots

Seed packets – 50p each

We’ve chosen a few things that are easy to grow, especially in a smaller space. These seeds come in a simple paper envelope with printed label, all freshly packed in spring.

beetrootBeetroot Cylindra 

A unique cylindrical shaped beetroot which is great for salads and pickling, because you get more slices per root. Tender and sweet in flavour with deep red flesh. Maintains its sweetness and tenderness over a long growing season. Produces smooth roots about 10cm (4”) long and is slow to bolt. Minimum 120 seeds per pack.

Sow: March to July

Harvest: June to October

Broad beansBroad Bean Karmazyn

An improved heritage broad bean broad bean with lovely rose pink seeds. These compact plants produce small, upright, easy-to-pick growing pods. Enjoy a bountiful and tasty crop. Harvest when the seed shapes are just visible through the pod. Minimum 15 seeds per pack.

Sow: February to May

Harvest: June to August

french beansDwarf French Bean Amethyst

These compact french bean plants grow striking purple pods and have pretty mauve flowers. The tasty, stringless beans are quick maturing and grow over a long picking season. Pods are about 15cm (6”) long and slender, turning an attractive shade of green when cooked. Height: 60cm (24″). Spread: 30cm (12″). Minimum 36 seeds per pack.

Sow: April to June

Harvest: July to September

peasPea Tom Thumb (Half Pint)sorry, sold out

This dwarf pea is perfect for growing in pots or containers where space is limited, as it only grows 15-20cm (6-8”) tall. It’s frost hardy and can be grown with very little support. Gives a good crop of sweet full-sized pods with bright green and tasty peas. White flowers. Fast growing. Minimum 24 seeds per pack.

Sow: March to June

Harvest: May to September

We’ve also included something that’s not so small, because we all need something to make us smile…


Sunflower Tall Single (Helianthus)

A very tall sunflower with enormous golden-yellow flowers. Great fun for children and perfect for pollinators. Easy to grow. Hardy annual. Height: 210-240cm (7-8′). Minimum 24 seeds per pack.

Sow: March (under glass) or April to May (outdoors)

Flowers July to October

garlic plantsSprouted garlic – £1 for 3

We have just a few sprouted garlic plants available, ready for planting straight out in February or March. Your plants will be either Thermidrome or Solent Wight Extra Early.

 2 packs remaining


Find out more and order online

Potato pick and seed shuffle 2021

Potato varieties on sale

Send us your order

Potato varieties on sale in 2021

If you’re growing your own this year, you might want to have a look at some of the 20 varieties of seed potato we’ll have available. There’s something for everyone, from old favourites to some more unusual varieties.

All our potatoes are £2 per dozen, pick and mix (or 20p each). You can choose just what you need – and you’ll be supporting our food growing community at the same time. We’ll also have shallots, onions and some packets of vegetable seeds available this spring. 

You can order and pay online, then collect from Newsome village. If you’re shielding or self-isolating, we’ll do our best to deliver to you at home.

Our full list of potato varieties:

Potato picker 2021 – full details of all our varieties (PDF)

We have limited quantities of some varieties this time. but we also have our six most popular varieties in larger quantities than usual.

Current stock (last updated 25th March @ 12 noon)

 1st Early  
 Casablanca  4
 Home Guard  16
 Maris Bard  0
 Red Duke of York   11
 Rocket  12
 2nd Early  
 Charlotte  0
 Kestrel  6
 Maris Peer  0
 Nicola  0
 Sarpo Una  19
 Early Main  
 Ambo  0
 Mayan Gold  0
 Orla  0
 Pink Gypsy  0
 Cara  0
 Desiree  0
 International Kidney  0
 Salad Blue  0
 Sarpo Mira  4
 Late main  
 Pink Fir Apple  0

Popular potato picks

Rocket – first early

Rocket is well named, because it grows really quickly. It’s among the first potato varieties to crop and produces large quantities of uniform shaped tubers. It’s also well suited to growing at home in containers or potato bags.


Charlotte potatoesCharlotte – second early

Charlotte is a popular, easy to grow, waxy salad variety. You can grow fresh flavoured potatoes which taste great either hot or cold. Ideal for salads and your crop will store until Christmas. Good disease resistance and high yielding.


Kestrel potatoesKestrel – second early

Kestrel is one of our ever-popular early potato varieties. It has a unique purple blush, a naturally occurring trait which is passed on from their parent variety, the Cara potato. Kestrel has a delicious, slightly-sweet flavour and is great for baking, roasting and chips. It also has good disease resistance and was recommended by Joe Maiden. 

Desiree – main crop

Desiree is a very popular choice for food growers. The tasty white and creamy flesh has a lovely, fluffy texture when cooked. Great whether baked, roasted or mashed. It’s very versatile and easy to grow.


Sarpo Mira potatoesSarpo Mira – main crop (organic)

Sarpo potatoes are grown by the Sarvari Research Trust in North Wales. These potatoes all have excellent resistance to blight, so they are ideal for organic growers. Our participants have had great success with Sarpo Mira in particular. We often sell out of these early, but we have extra available this year.


Pink Fir Apple potatoes

Pink Fir Apple – late main crop (heritage)

Pink Fir Apple potatoes are always in high demand here – and rightly so. They’re one of our all time favourites, great tasting both hot and cold. You can cook them whole in their skins, so don’t worry about peeling this unusual shaped spud. To make sure that you don’t miss out on this firm favourite, we keep lots of them in stock. Enjoy!



Organised by Growing Newsome

Our special thanks to the
West Yorkshire Organic Group
for supporting our Potato Day.



Find out more and order online

Potato pick and seed shuffle 2021

Onions, shallots and seeds on sale

Send us your order


Growing Newsome’s homegrown preserves – gift boxes

Jam gift boxes

We have a selection of preserves available now, freshly made this Summer and Autumn from fruit and vegetables grown in the Newsome area. All sales help to support our food growing community.

Christmas gift boxes – £5 each

Two 8oz jars of our homegrown preserves, presented in a fully recyclable gift box with festive fabric ribbon and paper tag. Choose from a selection of our jams and jellies made from fruit and vegetables grown in Newsome.

Christmas gift boxes

Choose any two jars:

  • Jam – Blackberry and Apple Jam*, Blackcurrant Jam, Plum Jam,*
    Courgette and Ginger Jam
    , Plum and Apple Jam, Rhubarb and Apple Jam, Rhubarb and Ginger Jam,
  • JellyApple Jelly with Blackberries*, Blackcurrant Jelly, Mixed Currant Jelly*Redcurrant Jelly.*
  • Marmalade and Conserves Orange marmalade (not homegrown, but homemade).

Sold out
*low stock    

If we’ve run out of something you really wanted, feel free to drop us an email to check whether we’re making any more before Christmas.


Easy to recycle or reuse

Our gift boxes are fully recyclable. The box, tag, labels and stickers are made of paper and card. Our ribbons are fabric, which can be composted or reused.

You’re welcome to return the jars to us at any Growing Newsome event or Newsome Forum meeting in 2021, or glass can be taken to bottle banks or recycling centres.

Homegrown jams

Apart from the citrus fruits, all our fresh ingredients are homegrown, so we have limited supplies. We’ll update this page with our current stock. Label designs may vary.

Order, pay and collect

Please email to make an order. We’ll confirm your order and send you a link that you can use to pay online. Orders can be collected from Newsome village on a number of days during December. We’ll send you the details when your order is ready. If you need to collect your order before a certain date, please let us know. Thank you.

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