Planet Festival – Saturday 5th September 2015

Planet Festival

Planet Festival
Saturday 5th September 2015
From 1pm to 4pm
In Greenhead Park, Huddersfield

Come and support the Planet Festival in Greenhead Park. Huddersfield Friends of the Earth have organised a fun-packed afternoon with lots to see, hear, learn and enjoy. There will be over 20 stalls, including Growing Newsome, plus music, short films, dance, children’s activities and a speakers corner. Have a look at the Planet Festival Programme (PDF) for more details.

Visit our Growing Newsome stall:

  • Find out how to get involved with community food growing in Newsome
  • Pick up tips on eco-friendly food growing
  • Choose from our freshly made seasonal preserves – all home grown and home made, with fruit and vegetables donated by our volunteers and friends
  • Hear about our volunteering opportunities

Planet Festival mapYou’ll find us in the field below the model railway from 1pm to 4pm.

Also look out for opportunities to support climate campaigns through petitions and local activism.

Check out the Planet Festival Programme (PDF) for details of where to find all the activities on the day.


Here’s why Huddersfield Friends of the Earth have organised this fantastic festival:

Now more than ever we need to stand up for the climate. For nearly 30 years we have been told we have to decrease carbon emissions to limit global temperature increases to under 20C. This has not happened and we are now on track to global temperature increases of 40C + by the end of the century, causing more and more extreme weather events such as flooding, storms, sea level rise, droughts, food shortages.

Find out more on the Huddersfield Friends of the Earth blog


“This Changes Everything” Film Festival – Saturday 4th July 2015

This Changes Everything film festival

“This Changes Everything”  Film Festival
Saturday 4th July 2015
From 11am to 6pm (three sessions)

The Red and Green Club, 42 Bankwell Road, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield HD3 4LU

A festival of over a dozen short films exploring environmental and social justice.

Free: Donations welcome, with all proceeds to The Red & Green Club.
Drinks available from bar (please feel free to bring your own pack lunch).

11am to 1.45pm – Land, Air, Water: Extreme energy & community alternatives

Taking on Tarmageddon (53 min)
Banking while Borneo Burns (14 min)
Wind turbine school (13 min)
Wind of Change (15 min)
Sisters on the Planet: Sahena (Bangladesh) & Martina (Uganda) (14 min)
Shaking the Tree (4 min)
Followed by discussion

1.45pm to 3.30pm – An Economy for the People: Past, present, future…

March 4 Homes (11 min)
12 Bar Club Occupation (14 min)
Camden Council: Pay Living Wage! (8 min)
Alternative Economies (5 min)
With Banners Held High (31 min)
Followed by discussion

3.30pm to 6pm – False solutions vs Real solutions

Biomass Emergency (25 min)
Voices from the Gasfields (61 min)
One Million Climate Jobs (33 min)
Followed by discussion

Feel free to join us for entire sessions or to turn up for particular films.

Organised by Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change.

More information:

“This Changes Everything” Film Festival – Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change

“This Changes Everything” Film Festival poster (pdf)

Join us 27th Nov: ECO-nomy public meeting – Putting people & communities first through climate action

An event from our friends at Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change…

Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change

green hard hat

On Thursday 27th November at the Huddersfield Methodist Mission we will be holding an ‘ECO-nomy’ public meeting exploring ways in which we could create a green economy that works for people and planet.

We are really pleased to have four speakers for this event:

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Clean British Energy / Green is Working lobby

crowd wearing green hard hats outside the TreasurySaturday 24th November 2012
Huddersfield Town Hall, Ramsden Street

An action from the Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change to say that the government’s Energy Bill must build the green economy.

Did you know?

  • Last year 1/3 of UK economic growth came from green businesses.
  • The renewable electricity industry already employs 110, 000 people with the potential to employ tens of thousands more people.
  • Developing the green economy would reduce the UK’s balance of payments by reducing our imports of fossil fuels.
  • Green energy would help regional economies grow across the UK.

The Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change are calling on the government to:

Decarbonise Electricity by 2030 and
Keep Aviation and Shipping in the Climate Act

11.45 am Photo stunt (Please wear something green)

12 noon to 12.30pm Lobby of Jason McCartney, MP for the Colne Valley. Please note: This meeting is by prior arrangement so if you would like to attend please email by Wednesday 21st November 2012.

For more information see:

Green is Working – Stop Climate Chaos

Clean British Energy – Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change

Green is Working poster (pdf)

Free climate course in Berry Brow – starts 10th October

drawing of windmill

Interested in climate issues and energy saving? Groundwork are running free courses in household energy.

Gain new skills and enhance your CV and employment prospects!

This course is for unemployed adults (18+) living in Kirklees, who do not have a similar or higher qualification.

The course starts on Wednesday 10th October 2012 and runs every Wednesday and Friday morning from 9.30am to 12.30pm, until Friday 2nd November at:

Newsome South Methodist Church, Birch Road, Berry Brow, Huddersfield, HD4 7LP

You will work towards the City and Guilds Level 1 Award Introduction to Household Energy Efficiency which covers:

  • Fuel consumption in the home
  • Renewable electricity
  • Renewable heat
  • Heat loss and insulation
  • Space and water heating

Free lunch included.


Contact Leah Black to find out more or to book a place:

Tel. 0113 238 0601 / 07730 765555

Groundwork can also run this course free for local groups. Please contact Leah if your group are interested.

Climate Change Course – Newsome (pdf)

Berry Brow Eco Fair – Saturday 6th October 2012

the earth surrounded by peopleEco Fair
Saturday 6th October 2012
10am to 4pm

Newsome South Methodist Church
Birch Road, Berry Brow HD4 7LP

Come and find out lots of ways of reducing your carbon footprint and reducing your energy costs.

Lots of information, advice and activities – and a chance to celebrate all of the great environmental work that’s going on in the Newsome ward.

A useful day for residents, and for anyone who is involved in running a community building.


Stalls and activities include:

  • Growing Newsome
  • Stirley Farm (Yorkshire Wildlife Trust)
  • Free-Cycle
  • L.E.D. Lighting
  • One Good Turn
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Green Deal
  • Community Cards
  • Fair Trade
  • CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England)
  • Penistone Line Partnership
  • Wormery demo

There will be food available and you can have a look at how renewable energy is being used in this community building.

You might also like to put up a poster for this event:

Eco Fair poster (pdf)

The Arctic Vigil – 28th September 2012


Polar bear on the edge of arctic ice

Photo: Greenpeace

“What we are seeing, here and now, is the transformation of the atmospheric physics of this planet. Three weeks before the likely minimum, the melting of Arctic sea ice has already broken the record set in 2007. The daily rate of loss is now 50% higher than it was that year.

The daily sense of loss – of the world we loved and knew – cannot be quantified so easily” [George Monbiot August 27th]

Bear witness

The Arctic Vigil

St George’s Square Huddersfield

Friday 28th September 6.20pm to 7.30 pm.

Wear white (or something white).Bring your own jar for tea light.

Readings, learning, public engagement, silence.

“What is happening is that the Arctic is warming up 3-4 times as fast as the rest of the world. The sea ice grows less thick in winter, and melts more in summer, such that the entire ice cover is now on the point of collapse. The extra open water already created by the retreating ice allows bigger waves to be generated by storms, which are sweeping away the surviving ice. It is truly the case that it will be all gone by 2015. The consequences are enormous – a huge boost to global warming from two sources, the reduction in global albedo caused by the replacement of ice by open water, and an acceleration of methane release into the atmosphere as the warm open water causes seabed permafrost to melt.”
[Professor Peter Wadhams,
Head of the Polar Oceans Physics Group at Cambridge University]

The Arctic ice cap is disappearing before our eyes: this is the first large scale unmistakable impact of climate change, clearly visible from space. The arctic sea-ice broke an all time record for lowest ever extent on Friday 24th August (after breaking several other records according to other methodologies of measurement by other scientific institutions etc…). This was a bombshell because it was nearly a month before you would expect the ice to reach its seasonal minimum – it is still decreasing now and we can expect it to continue decreasing until around mid September.

Bear witness

Organised by:
Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change
c/o 36 Long Lane, Honley, West Yorkshire , HD9 6EA


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