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Many allotment sites across Kirklees were given an overhaul thanks to a £1million programme of improvement. The three year project, managed by Kirklees Council’s Allotments Team, included clearing overgrown plots and making other improvements to allotment sites in the Newsome Ward.

Council officers have since started inspecting all Kirklees allotments once every six weeks, to make sure that the plots are being used. Put your name on the waiting list now if you’d like a plot when one becomes available.

Summer 2015 vacancies: There are plots available at Ashenhurst Avenue (Newsome), Hey Lane (Lowerhouses), Malvern Road (Newsome), North Street (Lockwood) and Somerset Road (Almondbury).

For more details, or to join the waiting list, contact Kirklees Allotments:

Tel. 01484 414700

Or write to:
Kirklees Allotments
Parks and Open Spaces
Flint Street


Newsome Ward allotment improvements – 2009 to 2011
Members of Newsome Ward Community Forum visited all the Newsome allotment sites in 2008 and found that a third of the plots (60+) were unusable for one reason or another. Partly in response to our work, Kirklees Council made some improvements to our allotments, and new plots have now become available.

There were works planned for five of the allotment sites within the Newsome Ward. These were the sites at Malvern Road, Ashenhurst Avenue, Caldercliffe Road, Hangingstone Road and Newsome Road. The planned works were identified as a result of a survey of plot holders and a council officer audit of allotment sites. Most of this work was completed:

  • Malvern Road
    There will be a site clearance of all plots and new security fencing.
  • Ashenhurst Avenue
    There will be some clearance works and the creation of 20 plots, some of which will be half plots. Security fencing and access way works are also planned.
  • Caldercliffe Road
    A water supply will be installed to plots at the top of the site.
  • Hangingstone Road
    There will be improvements to the access way. A possible extension of the site is also being investigated.
  • Newsome Road
    The overgrown access into the site will be cleared, including culverting the stream under the access way. There will also be some minor plot tidying works.

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